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[wolfganghuebsch] - 10. Jun 2017, 18:45

How to update ILIAS?

This post discusses how to update ILIAS  for two cases:
  • Update with git
  • Update ILIAS if git is not working or available

Update with git

Once you installed your ILIAS like this:
  • Clone latest stable version from git: git clone ilias
  • You may want to update the installation:
    • cd ilias
    • This loads all updates of your current branch: git fetch or get pull (pull can reset some files)
This should not give any errormessages. Good messages are:
  • Already up-to-date.
  • Aktualisiere 6052b0f..1b530ab
A bad message is for example (may come with git pull):
  • error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge: ... Aborting
The cause of this problem is, that we have files in our ilias-dir that are different from the files on github.

How to deal with that ^^?

One method is git stash, because it moves all these different files  to a special place called stash:
  • git stash
You can have a look at your "stashes" with:
  • git stash list
There is also the possebility to get stashed files back. Normaly, we do not need this.

Stash works nearly always and gives something like this:
  • HEAD ist jetzt bei 6052b0f Merge branch 'release_5-2' of into release_5-2
The problem: A git stash command deletes the RPC-server settings (Lucene) if they are stored in
  • ilias/Services/WebServices/RPC/lib/
The solution is to put these files to a place outside the ilias webspace. For example this could be /opt/iliasdata/lucene.
If you like to do that, you need a new ilserver startscript with adjusted paths. How to do this can be read here (Lucene section).

After git stash, the update should work like a charme:
  • git pull
If you want to change the release, try:
  • git checkout release_5-1
This changes to ILIAS version 5.1

Update ILIAS if git is not working or available

In case you did not install ILIAS via git or your git is broken, copy the important files from the old iliasfolder to the new updated one. For example, we have a folder called iliasold and a second called iliasnew. Change to the iliasold folder and copy/move the following files and directories:
  • cp ilias.ini.php /var/www/iliasnew/
  • mv data /var/www/iliasnew/
  • mv Customizing/* /var/www/iliasnew/Customizing/
  • If the Lucene- and Chatserver settings reside in /opt/iliasdata like described here, you don`t have to care about them.
  • chmod -R 775 /var/www/iliasnew
  • chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/iliasnew
Thats all.
Please update always the language files of your ILIAS-clients! Administration->language


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